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RingCentral Contact Center Desktop Virtualization Policy

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SummaryRingCentral Contact Center Desktop Virtualization Policy

You can run the RingCentral Contact Center MAX, Thin Agent, or Power Agent applications in a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment using products such as Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop, Windows Terminal Services, or VMware Horizon without voiding your warranty or contractual agreement with RingCentral Contact Center. To take advantage of the policy, ensure the VDI environment runs on one of the current supported operating systems and runs Agent on one of the current supported browsers.

For more information on the current supported operating systems and supported browsers, go to RingCentral Contact Center Supported Environments.

RingCentral Contact Center provides full support when you report an issue with Agent that occurred on a VDI environment as long as it is reproducible on a non-VDI environment. If RingCentral Contact Center Support cannot replicate the issue in a non-VDI environment, the Support agent may request that you report the issue to the appropriate virtualization vendor's product support team. If RingCentral Contact Center determines it can resolve the problem by modifying the software, it will do so if the modification is within reasonable effort and does not negatively impact other customers on the platform.

If you experience performance issues with Agent as a result of running it in a VDI environment, RingCentral Contact Center will not consider those issues to be product- or platform-related. You are responsible for sizing the VDI environment so that you do not experience negative impacts in the Agent application.

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