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RingCentral Contact Center Fixed Issues 18.1 Release

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SummaryWhat are the fixed issues for 18.1 release?

Fixed Issues for 18.1

This article discusses the issues fixed issues on the 18.1 release.

NOTE: For more information on the 18.1 release, go to RingCentral Contact Center New Features and Enhancements 18.1 Release.


18.1 Fixed Issues


• RingCentral Contact Center Agent for Salesforce would sometimes freeze when an agent transferred a contact to another agent (ID IC-22221).


• Some API calls would fail because the Developer Portal used version 10 instead of version 11 to make the calls (ID IC-24178).
• Some SkillActivityV8 calls resulted in a 500 error (ID IC-22223).
• It took longer than normal to download a calling list using the Call List API (ID IC-8796).


• With the cloud storage services option enabled, agents were unable to download stored call recordings (ID IC-22091).
• Emails would sometimes fail to load in MAX and would return an error stating the email contact was being requeued (ID IC-22084).
• Bulk email point of contact (POC) creation was allowing the use of the "@inContact.com" domain (ID IC-16844).
• MAX did not always adhere to the user or team concurrent chat limits (ID IC-25391).
• Downloading existing users from Central downloaded an empty file (ID IC-23931).
• Downloading existing skills from Central downloaded an empty file (ID IC-23778).
• Doing a bulk upload with global prefix phone patterns would return an invalid number error (ID IC-22066).
• When using chat v2, links embedded in quick replies did not appear to contacts (ID IC-21773).
• When contacts entered commas or pipes into chat v2 pre-chat forms, the separated values became parameters and arrays, respectively (ID IC-21765).
• Central did not check phone numbers associated with inactive stations when a new station was created, resulting in duplicate stations (ID IC-21212).
• The tabbed part of the top menu sometimes unexpectedly shifted to the right (ID IC-7867).
• When making changes to security profiles with a lot of users, sometimes the system would time out and display a platform error (ID IC-10138).
• The audit history would display a particular agent name regardless of which agent made the changes (ID IC-9810).
• Central was not allowing cloning of Personal Connection skills from existing skills (ID IC-8341).
• When an agent requested a password reset, the password reset URL was using the default domain instead of a valid one (ID IC-9472).
• The address book mapping reset a short time after setting up a new user. The user had to remap the address book manually (ID IC-5953). 
• Upon requesting a password reset, the generated email sent an invalid URL for the reset (ID IC-9472). 
• When downloading existing skills to a .csv file, the “Email Bcc-Address” column was not populating with any data (ID IC-9809). 
• The Audit History tab recorded the same person making the changes regardless of which user actually made the changes (ID IC-9810). 
• When the MAX email inbox became full, incoming email contacts were automatically set to park (ID IC-9823). 
• Multiple users imported using the bulk import feature were automatically set to inactive (ID IC-21021).


• Sometimes disconnections would fail to automatically reconnect (ID IC-16901).


• Email contacts were still automatically being parked with the Auto-Park email setting set to zero (ID IC-9823).
• Email contacts marked as spam caused agents to get stuck in a Working state (ID IC-8355 & IC-8353).
• Images attached to email contacts were not always visible to the recipient (ID IC-16967).
• Chat and email contacts did not appear in the contact counter in the Performance report (ID IC-25113).
• Transferred calls would disconnect when the agent who transferred the call logged out of MAX (ID IC-23109).
• Agents were sometimes able to transfer contacts to skills that were restricted in the assigned security profile (ID IC-22673).
• Sometimes, when omnichannel session handling was enabled, available agents would no long receive contacts (ID IC-22308).
• When an agent would conference a call and then transfer it, the ACW timer counted the time spent on hold for the conference (ID IC-22242).
• Audio notifications only sounded at the start and end of a contact and not during the interaction (ID IC-21625).
• In rare cases, there was a delay in connecting to the agent leg to the audio channel, resulting in a timeout error (ID IC-5722). 
• When using a custom script to transfer a call contact, the agent receiving the call did not see a screen pop (ID IC-7850). 
• Incoming email contacts marked as spam caused agents to get stuck in a working state upon receiving the contact (ID IC-8353). 


• Exceeding the business unit outbound email limit would sometimes cause outbound emails to not send and to become lost (ID IC-23391).
• When a contact abandoned a call while being routed to an agent, the call would refuse later and cause the agent to become stuck (ID IC-21220).


• Scheduled callbacks were occurring at the wrong time, depending on the offset between the agent timezone and the callback timezone (ID IC-23864).


• The data download reports, Call Detail (Comprehensive) Data Download Report (48) and CDR Plus Disposition Notes Data Download Report (350048), reported a disparate Team ID despite pulling the same metric (ID IC-8806).
• Data download reports produced an invalid time selection error when dates were selected with the up and down arrows and the Include Field Names checkbox was selected (ID IC-25299).
• Sometimes the Agent List dashboard widget would show agents in a custom unavailable state while the agent was really in the default unavailable state (ID IC-22627).
• Some domestic calls were recorded as international in reports (ID IC-22089).The Contact History report was displaying an incorrect agent for voice recordings (ID IC-5734).
• The Contact History report was displaying an incorrect agent for voice recordings (ID IC-5734). 
• When sending a custom report to an SFTP account, the report was not always received (ID IC-8981). 
• Upon requesting an SMS Transcript report, the platform returned a data retrieval error (ID IC-7829). 
• The Agent Summary by Day Data Download Report (30) was returning incorrect inbound and outbound measurements (ID IC-9461). 
• The Team and Business Unit graph metrics consistently matched each other in the Supervisor Snapshot report (ID IC-10450). 
• Calls that were abandoned were showing in both the Prequeue Abandon metric and the Abandon metric in the Contact History report (ID IC-10518). 


• The PAGE and PAGECLOSE actions did not always function properly in MAX panels (ID IC-23561).
• The first and last variables when an agent accepts a chat in MAX were not being published to the script (ID IC-23277).
• The ONRESKILL event would not launch in scripts when Personal Connection preview dialing was enabled for the skill (ID IC-23254).
• Studio allowed saving .wav files with wildcards, which enabled the automatic deletion of all .wav files with that wildcard (ID IC-21629).


• When a call routed to an agent, intermittently the call was marked as refused with refused reason reporting as an error (ID IC-7553).
• Chat and email contacts did not appear in the contact counter in the Performance report (ID IC-25113).
• Launching Thin Agent in an Internet Explorer browser would sometimes open a blank window (ID IC-23673).
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