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Apple Watch | Frequently Asked Questions | RingCentral

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SummaryList of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for RingCentral's Apple Watch Support.


Apple Watch | Frequently Asked Questions | RingCentral

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1. What are the minimum requirements to have the RingCentral app on an Apple Watch?

Answer: To use the Apple Watch app that pairs and syncs with iPhone, you need to have at least an iPhone 5 with iOS 9.1 or later.


2. Can I place a call from the RingCentral app for Apple Watch?

Answer: It is currently not available. 


3. Can I listen to my voicemail from Apple Watch?

Answer: It is currently not available. 


4. What is Handoff?

Answer: Handoff is an iOS feature that allows Apple Watch to transfer complex tasks that require full access to an app or keypad to your iPhone. For more information, visit Apple Watch Support.


5. How many messages can I view from my Apple Watch?

Answer: RingCentral app displays up to 10 recent contacts and activities (messages & call log). The option to view messages is currently not available.  


6. Can I reply a custom message instead of using one of the available pre-defined message in Apple Watch app?

Answer: Yes. Tap on the Reply option from a message notification. Scroll down and tap on the “microphone” icon (at the end) which will allow you to reply with a voice-to-text message.


7. Why does RingCentral only ring and notify me on my Apple Watch at times and will not ring and notify my iPhone? Why How do I fix it?

Answer: By default, iOS will send 3rd party app notifications to the person's Watch, and not their phone, if their phone is locked. This is Apple’s iOS native behavior and Apple does not provide 3rd party applications a way to control where to send notifications. 

There is a way to force all notifications for a 3rd party app to only go to the phone. In the Watch App on your phone, go to My Watch > Notifications. Scroll down until you see RingCentral under the MIRROR IPHONE ALERTS FROM: section and disable it for the RingCentral app.


IMPORTANT: If you disable RingCentral from the "MIRROR IPHONE ALERTS FROM" section of your "My Watch" settings, you will no longer get any notifications from the RingCentral app on on your Apple Watch. For more information, visit Apple Watch Support

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