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SummaryHow do I download and send the CCAF?

What is a Credit Card Authorization Form (CCAF)?

It is in RingCentral’s interest to protect its customers from credit card fraud. In line with this, the completion of the Credit Card Authorization Form (CCAF) may be required for any of the following:

• Activating new account from an IP address outside of the United States 

• Enabling International Calling from your account

• Activating more than two accounts on one credit card

• Activating higher-end auto-purchase amounts

• Raising the Transactions or Dollar Amount Limit per Month for your account

• Activating Fax Broadcasting in your account

Your completion of CCAF helps RingCentral protect you, our valued customer, from credit card fraud. All information is kept strictly confidential.


How to download and submit the Credit Card Authorisation Form (CCAF) 

The steps below are applicable to RingCentral subscribers in North America. For RingCentral subscriber in United Kingdom, click here.

1. Click here to download the Credit Card Authorisation Form (CCAF).

2. On page 1, select your requested transaction.

3. Complete all the fields on page 1 of the form, including your signature at the bottom.

4. Make a copy of the front and back of your credit card and your driver's license or passport, then add these copies on page 2.

• Make sure to cover the middle numbers when printing the front of your credit card. We only need the first 6 and the last 4 digits of your card. Examples are provided on page 3. 

• Make sure to cover the CVV number when printing the back of your credit card. Examples are provided on page 3. 

5. Fax both pages of completed form to (800) 520-1568 or (650) 641-2698.

6. Once you have faxed the form, please send a follow up email to clientverification@ringcentral.com to confirm receipt. DO NOT ATTACH THE ACCOMPLISHED FORM.

7. RingCentral will complete the requested transaction upon satisfactory review of the information on the accomplished form.



• Faxes coming in with blocked caller IDs will NOT be processed.

• Do not e-mail the accomplished CCAF.

• Review of CCAF can take up to 48 hours to process.

• For CCAF follow-up and further instructions, contact (877) 510-5787. Business hours: 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST.

• A representative will review the request and will respond via phone or e-mail.  

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