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SummaryCisco phones allow you to change the ringer volume on the phone so you can adjust the volume you hear when you get an incoming call.

Cisco SPA514G/508G/303/525G/525G2 - Adjusting Ringer Volume

If the phone ringer is too loud or soft when you get an incoming call, you can adjust the ringer volume on your Cisco phone.

NOTE: Changes to the ringer volume do not affect the call volume you hear during a call.

For SPA514G, SPA508G, SPA303
For SPA525G / SPA525G2

For SPA514G, SPA508G, SPA303

1. Press (+) to increase or (-) to decrease the volume on the Volume button when the handset is on the phone and the speaker button is OFF. 

volume button

2. Press Save.

For SPA525G / SPA525G2

Press the Volume button while not on a call to adjust the volume of the phone ringer.

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