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SummaryThe Billing Section of your RingCentral account is where you can view your current service plan, change your billing details, purchase calling credits, and enable international calling. You can also view your latest Statement of Account in this section.


Billing Overview

The Billing section of the RingCentral Online account allows Administrators to view and manage payment, and services tied to their RingCentral account. This article covers the overview of your Service Plan, Additional Services, and Payment Information.

Administrators can log in to the RingCentral Online account and access the Billing section on the Admin Portal by clicking the Billing tab

IMPORTANT: Only the Super Admin, the Billing Admin or Users with Billing Admin access can access and perform changes to Billing section.

Check the articles listed below for a specific topic to learn more:

Your Service Plan 
View Billing History 
View used minutes 
View add-on services to your Service Plan 

Update or change payment method
Change Billing Cycle
Setting up the Auto-Purchase Option  

How to cancel Service Plan

Credit Card declined  
Account suspended due to delayed payment
Is there a surcharge for delayed payments?

How is my minute usage billed?
How am I billed for International calls?  
Taxes, charges, and other fees included in Service Plan


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