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Number Porting - Transfer your Canadian Number to RingCentral

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SummaryNumber Porting or Number Transfer is a process that allows your number from your previous provider to be transferred to RingCentral. Submitting a Number Transfer Request for non-RingCentral phone numbers can be done through your online account. Follow the steps below to guide you in initiating the Number Transfer process for your Canadian Number.


Transfer your Canadian Number to RingCentral

You will need to prepare these requirements before submitting numbers for number porting/transfer: Requirements for Number Porting.

1. Log in to the online account as Administrator.

2. Go to Phone System > Phone Numbers > Transferred and Vanity. Click Transfer Numbers.

For Fax accounts, go to Settings Company Numbers > Transferred and Vanity. Click Transfer Numbers.

3. Select Canadian Number.

4. Pre-Check
The Pre-Check window has 7 preliminary questions which you need to answer with either a Yes or No. Click Next.

5.  Enter Numbers
Enter your Billing Telephone Number (Main number of the account with your current provider), and then click Check. In this step, you have to enter the numbers you would like to transfer, and then click Next

You have the following options:

• If you only want to transfer your Billing Telephone Number

○ Tick the I want to transfer my Billing Telephone Number option
○ Leave the box blank

• If you only want to transfer numbers associated with your Billing Telephone Number

○ Enter the numbers separated by commas or semicolons in the box provided
○ Do not tick I want to transfer my Billing Telephone Number option

• If you want to transfer both your Billing Telephone Number and numbers associated with it

○ Tick I want to transfer my Billing Telephone Number
○ Enter the associated numbers separated by commas or semicolons in the box provided
○ Do not include your Billing Telephone Number in the box

IMPORTANT: The following condition must be met if you are porting multiple local numbers:

1. Number(s) must be with the same service provider.
2. Number(s) must be on the same location (City and state).


6.  Date and Mapping
Select your preferred transfer date by clicking on the Calendar icon, and then match the temporary number with the number to be transferred. Do not choose a Federal Holiday.

You have the following options:

• Click Select Temporary Number to match the number you are transferring with an existing number. Once the number is ported the temporary number will be replaced.

• If you want to add the transferred number as an additional number to your account, skip this and click Next.

For every additional numbers transferred there will have a fee of $4.99.

7.  Account Confirmation

Enter all information exactly as your current phone company has it on file. It may require you to contact your current provider. For corrections, click the Back button. Otherwise, click Next.

 Type of Account - State if Business or Residential
 Name on Account - Enter the name of the person authorized to make changes to the account.
 Company Name - Only include if on the bill copy. Enter the company name exactly as it appears on your phone bill from the other provider.
 Service Address - Provide the physical service address of the phone number. Do not enter billing addresses or P.O. boxes.
 Your Contact Phone Number - Enter a number where we can call you if there is a problem with the port request.
 Account Number - Enter the Account Number where the number you are transferring is associated with. Tick the box next to it if the number you are requesting to transfer is a mobile number. 
Current Service Provider - Enter the name of your current service provider for the number you are transferring.
 Account PIN or last 4 digits of Social Security Number - Account PIN/Passcode/Password if available can be obtained from your current provider. 

IMPORTANT: The information entered should match the latest bill from the phone company from which you are transferring your number. Incorrect information will result in a drastic delay and/or rejection of your number port. 

8. Upload a copy of the latest bill of the number being transferred in PDF format.
Click Browse to locate the file in your computer, and then click Attach to upload the file. You have an option to upload the latest bill file later. Just note that this might cause some delay on the order.

9. Additional Comments
Provide any additional information and instructions to support a successful porting experience. If you are not transferring all of your phone numbers in the same Billing Account Number, please list the remaining phone numbers on the box provided under the Additional Comments and the action to be taken for each phone number.

60455522222 - remain
6046661111 - disconnect

Enter your email address to receive all number porting notification emails, and then click Next. If this is left blank, all notification emails will be sent to the System Admin user.

10. Review the information provided in the Standard Letter of Agency Document.
You have 2 options for signing the LOA (Letter of Authorization):

I Agree. I consent to use electronic records and signatures in connection with my request to transfer my telephone number to RingCentral.

- If you select this option, RingCentral will use the information and electronic signature in the form. 

• No thanks. I do not consent to use electronic records and signatures in connection with my telephone number transfer request. I understand that RingCentral will not be able to begin processing my request until the Letter of Authorization is received. 

- If you select this option, you need to manually download and sign the LOA. Download the LOA. You can upload it later by following the steps in Checking the Status of your Transferred Numbers.

NOTE: You will need PDF reader to open the LOA file. If you do not have it installed please use the following link http://get.adobe.com/reader/ to install it.

11. Read the note, and then click Complete to close the window.
The notes include the details of estimated time to complete porting, reminders for the account Admin for smooth transfer process from one provider to RingCentral and quick instructions on checking the order status.


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