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Number Porting - Transfer your Toll-Free Number to RingCentral

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SummaryNumber Porting or Number Transfer is a process that allows your number from your previous provider to be transferred to RingCentral. Submitting a Number Transfer Request for non-RingCentral phone numbers can be done through your online account. This article provides a step by step guide on how a user can initiate the Number Transfer process for a Toll-Free Number.
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Prepare the requirements before submitting your Toll-Free numbers for number porting/transfer. See Requirements for Number Porting.

1. Log in to the online account as administrator.

2. Go to Phone System > Phone Numbers > Transferred and Vanity. Click Transfer Numbers.
For Fax accounts, go to Settings Company Numbers > Transferred and Vanity. Click Transfer Numbers.

3. Click Toll-Free Number.

4. Pre-Check
On the Pre-Check window, click Yes to confirm that you have the latest bill ready to be uploaded for the number you are transferring. If you answer No, please prepare the latest bill first and then proceed to transfer the number to RingCentral.

IMPORTANT: Toll free porting does not support requesting a specific due date per industry standards. Typical processing time for toll free number porting is 3-5 business days from the date of submission.

5. Enter Numbers
Enter your Toll-Free Number, and then click Next. The next box will confirm if the entered number is ready for transfer. Click Next.

6. Mapping the Temporary Number
Match the temporary number you are going to replace with the number you are transferring, or add the transfer number as an additional number. Click Next if you have no temporary numbers to match.

For every additional numbers transferred there is a fee of $4.99.

7. Account Confirmation
Enter all information exactly as your current phone company has it on file. It may require you to contact your current provider.

• Type of Account - State if Business or Residential
• Name on Account - Enter the name of the person authorized to make changes to the account.
 Company Name - Only include if on the bill copy. Enter the company name exactly as it appears on your phone bill from the other provider.
• Service Address - Provide the physical service address of the phone number. Do not enter billing addresses or P.O. boxes.
 Your Contact Phone Number - Enter a number where we can call you if there is a problem with the port request.

8. Additional Comments 
Provide the specifics in the space provided. If you are not transferring all of your numbers in the same Billing Account Number, please list the remaining phone numbers here and the action to be taken for each phone number (Remain, disconnect, etc.). Please provide any additional information and instructions to support a successful porting experience.

8885552222 - remain
8885552200 - disconnect

Send Emails to - Enter your email address to receive all number porting notification emails. It is optional, and if you leave it empty, all notification emails will be sent to the system admin user. Use comma or semi-colon to separate multiple email addresses. Click Next.

9. Download LOA
FCC regulations requires a live signature and a copy of the latest bill - not older than 45 days - for the Toll-Free Number being transferred.

Click Download to download the Letter of Authorization (LOA). 

10. Upload LOA & Latest Bill
Please sign the LOA and attach it with your latest bill to submit the order.

Click Browse to upload the signed LOA and Latest Bill.

Use the upload mechanism provided within the next 30 minutes, otherwise, the order cannot be submitted. Attach files then click Complete.

If you are not ready to upload the document and you want to do it later, follow the steps below.

1. Login to the RingCentral online account.
2. Go to Admin Portal > Phone System > Phone Numbers > Transferred and Vanity, then click the order number.
3. Click the three-dot menu symbol on the upper-right corner, and click Upload LOA & latest Bill.

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