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Requirements to Transfer Number to RingCentral

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SummaryThis article lists the requirements to transfer your local US number, toll-free number, and international number to RingCentral.
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IMPORTANT: Before proceeding, click here to verify if your number is portable to RingCentral. Enter your number on the space provided, and click "Verify".

Below are the requirements to transfer your number to RingCentral:

• Number to be transferred should be active with your current service provider
Latest bill from your current service provider for the number you are transferring
• RingCentral phones should have been received and set up

Exemption: If you are using existing phones or using these numbers strictly to forward calls to existing phones.

 No open orders with your current service provider
 No DSL or broadband service associated with the phone number you are requesting to transfer
No Centrex service, remote Call Forward (RCF), Ring Mate, ISDN or distinctive ring on the phone number you are requesting to transfer. Please contact your current provider and have these features removed
• Notify your current phone service provider if you have any other phone numbers associated with your current Billing Telephone Number (BTN) that you are not porting, and have those numbers switched to a different BTN. Otherwise, your current provider may reject your transfer request


Additional Requirements for International Numbers

To use your existing International Virtual Number with RingCentral, we require additional documentation including letter of authorization and proof of address. Please call RingCentral US at 1-800-820-3676 and 1-925-301-8209 for additional information on how to port your existing International Virtual Number.

IMPORTANT: Transferring existing numbers is defined and regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in United States and Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in Canada. We make every effort to transfer your number to RingCentral in a timely manner; however, the actual transfer and the time of your transfer depends on the cooperation and release of the telephone number from your current telephone service provider.

Business SMS (if available on your service plan) activation could take 72 hours up to 5 additional business days after your number is transferred. Only the phone number may be transferred to RingCentral for those bundled with DSL service. 

Visit the links below to learn more about telephone number transferring:
• RingCentral US -  https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/porting-keeping-your-phone-number-when-you-change-providers
• RingCentral Canadahttp://crtc.gc.ca/eng/phone/mobile/num.htm


TitleRequirements to Transfer Number to RingCentral
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