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RingCentral Meetings Embedded - Launch from RingCentral App Mobile

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SummaryRingCentral Meetings embedded in RingCentral App will allow you to schedule, start and join meetings directly. No need to download a separate RingCentral Meetings - Mobile. See steps below to learn how to launch Meetings embedded in RingCentral App.


How to launch Meetings from RingCentral App 


Enable Meetings in your RingCentral App Mobile

1. Tap your Profile Picture (iOS) or the Hamburger icon (Android).
2. Go to Settings > Meetings.
3. Tap Video Service, and then select RingCentral Meetings Embedded.


How it works when enabled

For iOS: You will see RingCentral Meetings straight away on the RingCentral App Dashboard.

meetings embedded ios

For Android: Tap the Hamburger (three horizontal lines) icon > Meetings.

meetings embedded android

You can do the following:

• Start and Host a Meeting from RingCentral App iOS | Android
• Join a Meeting from RingCentral App iOS | Android
• Schedule a Meeting from RingCentral App iOS | Android

You can also tap the Kebab (three vertical dots) icon on the upper-right corner of the screen to open Meetings Settings; tap Pair to pair a Rooms system; and enable/disable Self Preview.

Meetings Settings allow you to configure the following:

• Video Service - Select your Video Service either RingCentral Meetings Embedded or RingCentral Meetings App.
• Personal Meeting ID - You can enable and edit the following options:

- PMI - Edit your PMID.
- Use PMI for instant meetings - Toggle to enable or disable using your PMI to start meetings.
- Host Video On - Toggle to enable or disable using your Video during meetings.
- Attendee Video On - Toggle to enable or disable Attendee's Video upon joining a meeting.
- Audio Option - Tap to select audio options.
- Allow Join Before Host - Toggle to enable or disable Attendees from joining the meeting before the Host.

• Audio and Video - You can enable the following options:

- Auto Connect Audio - Toggle to enable or disable. When enabled, your audio will be connected automatically when joining a meeting.
- Close Captioning - Toggle to enable or disable. When this feature is available and enabled, closed captions will be displayed on the main video.

• Host Key - Use your host key to claim host control of the meeting in Meetings apps or start a meeting from a Rooms system.

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