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RingCentral Salesforce CRM Call Centre Overview

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SummaryGetting to know the RingCentral Salesforce CRM Call Centre
Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Call Centre integrates Salesforce with the RingCentral Softphone. 

NOTE:  Salesforce CRM Integration is available for Office Premium and Ultimate customers only.  To learn more about the Office Editions, click here.

After the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) adapter program has been installed on your computer, you can use the following CTI features provided by the Softphone:
• Make calls by dialling a number in the Softphone, choosing a number in an online directory, or clicking a phone number in any contact, lead, activity, or account
• Receive calls
• Quickly view all Salesforce records that are related to the call, such as contacts, cases, or accounts
• Transfer calls
• Initiate conference calls
• Put callers on hold
• Attach records to calls
• Generate automatic call logs

System Administrators can configure Salesforce CRM Call Centre by:

• Modifying Softphone layouts and assigning them to selected user profiles
• Adding phone numbers to call centre directories

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