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Viewing or printing your billing statement

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SummaryHow do I view or print my billing statement?
The Billing Tab allows you to view billing statements, edit billing and service plan information, and set-up International Calling.  This article will explain how you can view or print your billing statement from your online account.

NOTE:  You need to be an account administrator to perform the following procedure.

Step 1:
Log in to your RingCentral online account.  For instructions, click here.

Step 2:
On the navigation bar, click the Billing tab.

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Step 3:
Click Service Plan.

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Step 4:
On the Service Plan window, you will see the summary of your plan.  Click on the Billing History tab.

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Step 4:
The Billing History window appears, you will see how much were the charges and when they were charged in your account.  Click View Full Billing History or View Statement for more information.

NOTE:  You can also have your statement sent to your email by checking the box on the bottom before clicking Done.

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View Full Billing History

To view the full list, just click on View Full Billing History on the top right of the window and it will change to a Full Billing History window.  Just scroll down to view the rest of the charges.  Click Print.

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View Statement

In order to view or print a specific Billing Statement, click on View Statement on the far right or from the Full Billing History window, click on View.  Click Print.

NOTE:  The window will change to Billing History – Statement or Full Billing History – Statement.  This basically shows the detailed information or breakdown of your statement or the charges.

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Step 6:
If you choose to print your statement, a new window appears allowing you to configure your printer settings. Click OK to proceed.

NOTE:  Different settings may apply depending on your printer model and Operating System.

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You have now viewed or print your billing statement.
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