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Call Flip - Selective Call Flip

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SummaryWhat is Selective Call Flip and what does it do?
When calling some numbers, RingCentral Users are sometimes required to press * for options. The star key * in the RingCentral system triggers the Call Flip or Call Recording Function. Because of this, some customers are unable to use their RingCentral provisioned devices for pressing the * command.

RingCentral has come up with the feature called Selective Call Flip. This is RingCentral's solution to allow users to bypass the Call Flip command ( * + quick dial number) and prevent RingCentral's PBX system from intercepting with the touch-tone command. This will allow users to call numbers that require pressing the star key * followed by a number to get to the next option or to apply a touch-tone command during an audio conference.

How does it work?

Selective Call Flip allows you to move or re-arrange your extension's Call Flip entries by clicking on the up User-added image or down User-added imagearrows. For this to work, the QuickDial entry needs to be assigned to another Flip Number so RingCentral will not intercept with the touch-tone command entered through the phone provisioned with RingCentral. This will free up selective numbers to avoid confusion when a number is used for other function in certain calls. 
User-added image
Example: In an audio conference, you have to dial *4 to mute the audio. You can free up slot *4 by moving the flip number to another slot. In the above screenshot, we moved the flip number to slot *6. Since *4 is now empty, you can now use it to mute the audio conference by pressing *4. 

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