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Getting Started with RingCentral - End User Documentation References

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SummaryHow do I get started using RingCentral?

This document aims to assist you in getting started with your RingCentral account and product. The links provided below will take you to documentation that will help you understand how the product works, and how to customize your settings.

Know the User Settings

Watch this video for a quick overview of the RingCentral interface: [Video] Interface Overview

The video talks about the different custom settings in your RingCentral system.



Configuring Your Extension

Users Overview - A summary of user settings and how to configure them: Record user name, contact details, user hours, change password, and regional settings.
Call Handling & Forwarding Overview - Shows how to configure an extension's call handling and forwarding rules.
Screening, Greeting & Hold Music Overview - Shows how to configure user greetings, audio while connecting the call, and hold music.
Customizing a User's Voicemail Greetings - Shows how to set up a user's voicemail greeting.
Changing the Notification Settings of your Extension - Shows how to configure a user's notification settings via email or SMS 
Logging in to your RingCentral Online Account - Shows users how to log in to their RingCentral online account

Using Your Desk Phone

Desk Phones Frequently Asked Questions - A list of FAQs about recommended IP Phones, how to set up desk phones, and how to use basic functions
Transferring calls on Polycom and Cisco Deskphones - Summary of how to transfer active calls to another number using Polycom and Cisco phones.
RingCentral Phones Function Keys: * and # Codes - A list of touch tone commands and function keys to access RingCentral features.
RingCentral Recommended Desk Phones - A list of recommended deskphones and wireless phones. Click the Learn More link of a specific phone model to learn more about its features, and to download the datasheet.

Downloadable User Guides to Basic Features

User QuickStart Guide – Learn how to use Desk phones, mobile/desktop applications, meetings and GLIP by RingCentral.
RingCentral Office User Guide – This Guide will help users set up and access RingCentral major features.
RingCentral for Desktop User Guide – Learn how to use the RingCentral Desktop app that turns your PC or Mac computer into an all-in-one communication hub.
RingCentral Mobile App Guide - Learn how to use Mobile App as an extension to your phone
RingCentral Meetings User Guide – Learn how to use RingCentral Meetings, an application that gives you the power to share as part of your complete business communication solution.

Where to Get Help

RingCentral is excited to introduce the redesigned RingCentral Customer Care Center at success.ringcentral.com 

Contact Support - A quick link to all methods of opening a case with support.
Community - A peer-to-peer exchange of questions, answers and ideas, where Feature Requests can be submitted.
Knowledgebase - Where you can conduct a detailed search for all knowledgebase articles.
Guides and Videos - a quick link to all user and administrator guides, videos and other helpful documents.
Learning Center - now on its own page, a comprehensive training on all topics RingCentral. For more information go to The RingCentral Learning Center and RingCentral University.
Downloads - newly added downloads page to find handy links for RingCentral desktop apps and mobile apps.
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