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SummaryThe RingCentral Online Device Orders tool is a new tool for Administrators to change a pending order of phone devices and shipping addresses from a customer’s online account. An authorized agent can extend the deadline up to nine (9) hours from Admin Web.

The steps below will guide you how to change order from an online account.


How do I edit or change my pending orders?

1. Log in as an Administrator to your RingCentral Online Account.

2. Go to Billing > Device Orders.

3. Click Edit Order. NOTE: This link will be visible ONLY in case of Pending status, up to nine (9) hours.

4. A pop-up will show the Original Phone Order Charges and the New Phone Order Charges/Credit. Click on the Pencil or Edit icon to edit the order. When change is completed, new charges (or credits) will be displayed under Phone Order Chargers / Credits. Click Next to proceed.

5. Update the Shipping Address if needed. The shipping charge will be adjusted and will reflect on New Shipping Fees.

6. You will see a pre-statement and statement with Adjustments for the credits and charges for new phones. Click Next to proceed.

7. When you proceed, a notification will appear that you can only update your order ONCE. After the update or change order, you will NO longer be able to update the order and it will be submitted to the distributor automatically and be removed from Pending status. Click Cancel to cancel the change or OK to proceed.

NOTE: In case the order has already been sent to the processor, the Edit link will be removed, Status will be changed to Submitted and you will be able to click on View Order details to see the full details of the order. 

When you click View Order, you will see the Order Details, which contains the Shipping details for your order. Shipment to different locations will each get a Tracking Number.

Click on View Device List to see the list of devices per the box / tracking number.

For set up instructions after you receive your order, go to Setting up your RingCentral device for the first time.

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