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Analytics Portal - Data Visibility and Retention

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SummaryThis article describes how the Performance report data is retained and displayed for users with different levels of permissions.

Analytics Portal - Data Visibility and Retention

Indicated below are the guidelines on how the user role affects the visible data on their Analytics Portal:

1. User group manager sees only his/her groups

2. Queue manager (user’s email is put in the queue manager email field) sees only his/her queue

3. Super Admin (or admin who has permission “Users”) has access to everything regardless of what is written above.

4. User who has access to Analytics portal and is not:

(1) a manager of a group
(2) a manager of any queue(s), has access to all data across the entire company.

To make all the reports visible, the user must either stop being a group manager or must be added as a manager to all queues.

NOTE: Accounts with configured Multi-Site restricts visibility to those sites that are covered by the user’s Role Domain.

Data Visibility and Retention Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why am I seeing only one call queue in the Performance Report even if all queues are visible in the Online account?

As a rule, the Super Admin will see all Call queues and User groups. 

A User who is a manager of a particular Call queue and/or User group will only see the Call queue or User group he/she manages in the Performance Report.

A User who does not manage any Call queues or User groups will see all Call queues and Users in the Performance Report if he/she was granted access to Reports.

If you need to view all Call queues, but can see only one in the Performance Report, make sure you are not managing a particular Call queue or User group. You can either stop being a Group manager or add your email address as manager to all Call queues.


2. Why is the User not seeing a link to Analytics?

Make sure the User has permission to view Reports. See User Roles and Permissions | RingCentral for more information.


3. Is it possible to allow a user to view his/her own Performance report?

Yes. Create a group with only the user and assign the user as a manager for the group. The user will now be able to see his/her own performance report.

4. If a customer deletes an extension, is all of the historical reporting for that deleted as well? 

No, All the metrics and logs for removed/deleted extensions are retained for up to 6 months.


5. What is the Data Retention time frame for Analytics Portal?

Analytics portal stores data for only 6 months. This includes Performance reports and KPI metrics.

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