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Polycom Phones - How to Set or Change Date and Time

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SummaryResolving incorrect date and time on Polycom phone. When a Polycom phone is added to to an account, the phone's date and time is acquired from the RingCentral User account's date and time settings. When the phone is unable to sync with RingCentral's date and time servers, the phone may display an incorrect date and time.
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NOTE: It is not uncommon for users within an account to be located in various time zones. If the date and time are incorrect for a specific user, it may be necessary to change or set the correct time zone for that user. To change or set the time as a User please see:  Set Hours of Operation and Time Zone.  Similarly, it may be necessary for an account Admin to set a Users time zone. To set the time zone as an Admin please visit: Set a User's Hours of Operation and Time Zone

How to Set or Change Date & Time on Polycom Phone

1. Press Menu/Home button.

Polycom phone set date time menu buttonPolycom Home Button

2. Select Settings, and then go to Advanced.

Polycom phone set date time advanced button

3. Select Admin Settings.

Polycom phone set date time admin settings button

4. Enter the phone's admin password. The default password is 456 or just leave it blank.

polycom phone set date time admin password

5. Select Network Configuration.

polycom phone network config button to sync date and time

6. Highlight SNTP Address then press Select.

polycom phone network config sntp address select

7. Press the number key "#" to enter RingCentral's SNTP Address,  and then select OK.  NOTE: Press the star (*) button to enter period (.)

polycom phone network config enter sntp address     

IP Address


8. Press the Back softkey or the Left Arrow Key button until you see the Save Config? prompt, then select Yes.   

polycom phone save config buttons


Note: Phones that will not work with RingCentral 

• Polycom Lync CX Series phones (CX100, CX300, CX500, CX600, CX3000, CX5100)
• Retired Polycom SoundPoint IP phones: IP300 / IP301 / IP320 / IP330 / IP430 / IP500 / IP501 / IP600 / IP601
• Retired Polycom SoundStation IP phones: IP4000 / SoundStation Premier 

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