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RingCentral UK Release Notes - December 2018

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SummaryThe Release Notes provide an update of the latest new features and enhancements for RingCentral products. RingCentral may update these Release Notes to document additional resolved and known issues.

RingCentral Release Notes - December 2018

What’s New & Improved

RingCentral App. Access your favorite RingCentral Office features on your desktop or mobile devices using one consolidated app.

• RingCentral app unified presence  New presence indicators will be reflected across Glip messaging, RingCentral phone, and RingCentral Meetings.

Enhanced Meetings Now host, join, and schedule video meetings directly from the mobile version of the RingCentral app. 

RingCentral Global Solution. Simplify and consolidate the management of your phone system across all international branch offices in one account.

Expanded international support – Global Office service is now available in Chile, Colombia & Costa Rica.

• Chinese language support – The RingCentral Phone mobile app, and Polycom and Yealink desk phones now support Chinese language settings. 

• Support for China Gateway – Users in China can now place in-country calls without dialling the country code first. 

• RingCentral Global Office - Australia 1300 Numbers Support – In addition to toll-free numbers, customers can now activate Australian 1300 numbers. 

RingCentral Phone app (Mobile Enhancements).
RingCentral Phone Mobile - Deprecate iOS 9 Support – RingCentral Phone mobile apps are now compatible with iOS 12 and Android P and will no longer support iOS 9 and earlier. 

• Accessibility support for screen reader voice readout and swipe navigation. Available for all RingCentral users.

Admin Updates
• Enhanced Analytics Portal – A new Analytics Portal consolidates existing reporting tools into one easy-to-use experience with faster performance, over 30 new metrics, and data visualisations. Key reports include device status, call performance, quality of service, and more.

• Audit Trail – enhanced to track RingCentral app admin settings changes including adding or removing of administrators, company settings, data retention policy, and compliance export permissions.

• Enforced Single Sign-On (SSO) – IT admins will have the option to enforce SSO as the only way users can authenticate while using all RingCentral services

• RingCentral Disabling TLS 1.0/1.1 and Ending Support for Android 4.4.x : Browsers and devices attempting to connect to RingCentral servers using a TLS v1.0 or TLS v1.1 connection will now be rejected to protect customer privacy and align with industry standards. All RingCentral users will be impacted.

• Admin Account UI refresh: Ongoing effort to give you a more consistent user experience. Available for all RingCentral users.

• Call Logs –  Now easier to search, select date, call direction, call type filters, and delivery settings – in both simplified and detailed view. 

Number Porting – Enhanced interface and added flexibility to modify existing numbers.

• Payment method – Improved layout for readability.


Call Handling Updates
• Zero dialling for multiple sites – Multi-site customers can now define different ‘operators’ per site so callers who press zero while listening to the auto-attendant can be routed to a site-specific operator.

• Premium audio conference numbers – Admins can now provision toll-free and local conferencing numbers in a total of 119 countries directly from the Admin Portal. Additional charges apply.

• Shared Lines music on hold – music on hold can now be customised for shared lines. 

Hardware and Firmware Updates
• New Polycom Trio 8500 phone – A cost-effective conference phone ideal for small to midsize conference and huddle rooms.

• Yealink firmware update ( – Update for Yealink T42S and T46S phones to fix critical bugs and provide support for shared lines. Impacted customers will receive additional maintenance window pre-notification. 

Platform Updates
• RingCentral for Google Calendar – Allows users to natively schedule meeting and conferences right from Google Calendar.

• RingCentral Multi-party Calling – Enables up to 10 parties to participate in a conference call from their RingCentral for Google and Skype for Business apps. 

RingCentral Support
• New Support site – New RingCentral customer support website at support.ringcentral.com comes with a new look and feel, access to important account information, service status, and support resources all in one place.

•  New Chat Support option – Your direct channel to connect with sales or support representatives. Available in your online admin portal and at support.ringcentral.com.


Known Issues

• Existing RingCentral applications running on Android versions older than 4.4 will stop working when TLS 1.0/1.1 are disabled.

Resolved Issues

• All forwarded numbers are now consistently displayed under the Phones section in Phones & Numbers inside your online portal.

• Fixed errors that occurred when saving and applying User Templates that were created in earlier releases.


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